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Makindi Fish Farm is a private commercial fish farm located in Murang'a County.

Our Farm produces High quality Products

The farm is 52km from Nairobi,7km from Thika Town on the old Murang'a road behind Thika Greens Golf Resort. The farm was established in 2015 as an agricultural division of Makindi Banks Limited.Currently the farm has a total of 91 ponds; 35 tilapia production ponds,28 catfish concrete tanks, 17 nursery ponds, 6 broodstock ponds, 4 harvest ponds and one water reservoir. In addition to this, the farm has a modern processing room and a Reciruclation Aquaculture System (RAS) hatchery and a modern training resource center under construction.

The farm specializes in the production of table size tilapia (350 - 800g) and catfish (1kg - 1.5kgs) as well as production of YY monosex tilapia fingerlings and a quality catfish fingerlings.

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Products and Services

Below are the Products and Services offered by Makindi Fish Farm

Table size Tilapia


We raise our tilapia in lined ponds for a period of 9 months from hatching to harvest i.e, 1 month hatchery, 2 months nursery and 6 months grow out. As per the SMAP standards set by the European Union, we culture YY mono-sex tilapia that is hormonal free.

Under best management aquaculture practices, this high quality breed (YY tilapia) is able to attain an average weight of 360g at harvest with an FCR of 1.3.

Whole Catfish and catfish fillet


By cross-breeding Indonesian strain catfish with our local African catfish strain, we are able to produce a progeny that is both fast growing and hardy.Raised in 10 cubic meters concrete tanks at a stocking density of 100 fish per cubic meter, our catfish takes 8 months to achieve an average weight of 1kg.This fast growth is also attributed to the use of high quality feeds of 35 – 45 % CP and the warm temperatures (Min 27℃) achieved under the greenhouse system in which the fish is cultured.

To meet emerging consumers taste and preferences, we add value to our catfish by filleting and will soon start smoking catfish fillet. This is done in a hygienic and well equipped modern processing room.

YY tilapia fingerlings


In accordance with the strict SMAP standards and regulations set by the European Union for farmers targeting the EU market, we have started producing high quality and fast growing YY mono-sex tilapia fingerlings.This is achieved by cross-breeding YY male tilapia brooders that were sourced from Till Aqua, Netherlands with natural females (XX). The F1 generation produced is all-male progeny fingerlings (XY) that are hormonal free.

Past research findings show that YY tilapia fingerlings grow much faster than mono-sex tilapia produced through hormonal sex reversal.

Catfish fingerlings


Using induced breeding technology, we are able to produce high quality fingerlings that are hardy and fast growing. To do this, we cross-breed Indonesian catfish strain that is fast growing with the local African strain that is hardy.Fry are raised for 6 weeks during which they are fed with high nutritious starter feeds under optimum nursery conditions. Grading is conducted during the entire nursing stage to get rid of shooters which are known to result into cannibalism during the grow-out stage.

Farm visits and on-farm training

Group Visit

As a center of excellence in catfish and tilapia fishing, we offer on farm training to fish farmers. Farmers get to learn on Aquaculture best management practices such as pond construction, pond liming, fertilization, stocking, feeding and feeds management, predator control, harvesting, post-harvest management and record keeping. We also offer consultancy services to aspiring commercial fish farmers

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